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Hello newcomer, yes you, pay attention and read this. You have just entered a website that lets you see memes, comics and gifs! (maybe some videos) Now posts some or just sit back and watch people post memes. NOTE: if you are very sensitive person who can't handle a small joke at all(Even though theres really nothing bad right here), then this site is not for you so leave....close the tab, clear your history and cookies, then destroy your computer.....or just leave and never comeback. :p(Except you Mr. Crow, because i want you to grade it so I can get back to an A in this class.....)Enjoy!


HeresJohnny69: Bruh I should use that when i get pulled over XD

LisaTheMonalisa!?: Lol, that guy's meme is always funny!!!

JackTheHack:Wait if I use this, don't I need to be high,....nope can't use it even though it's funny :(.


JustFoLaughsJR: Wow....so this is how it all started, well we can't really complain about the horse for he started her career by helping her make "Wrecking Ball"....I mean lots of people thought it was catchy.

KerinaKatrinaKantene;-;: Wait, shouldn't that mean we should be paying that hprse instead of her?

JustFoLaughsJR: yeah we should pay the horse as if it's going to pay for something like horse Jordans or maybe even make up if its a female.

KerinaKatrinaKantene;-;: Wow, did you just assume the horses gender! Im so triggered right now! It's 2017, you can't assume someones gender!

JustFoLaughsJR: OK OK IM SORRY!! I'm bored anyway, so bye

My life


FnafFanDang: I should do that, and maybe it could work....(I hope)

WassupBruh: *waits for bunch of coins to fall in*....*goes and takes coins* hehehehe


SonOfAPerson123:Is it okay that i didn't eat the schezwan sauce from "McDonalds"? And plus what's it about anyways?

RickyJickyItchy_/\:Isn't it from Rick and Morty or somethin, and they made it real, I remember grabbing itand eating, but that's it....It was kinda good though.

AnonymousDude: Love THE SAUCE! SUCKS THEY WO- caps lock oops XD... sucks they won't bring it back anymore though:(...

Greatest Moment Of My Life

WhyLife??: Oh I thought it was marriage, i was like....hows this funny?

JakePauler12Mil: *catches fish* "YEAH"*brings it in, but accidently hits wedding couple in back with fish* "oh....Sory about that,....at least i caught the fish right...no...ok i'll leave"

RickyJickyItchy: Why can i see myself doing that XD??

chef Ramsay

MagesticalMarissa24: Bruh, Chef Ramsay is like the King of insults. I can't even boil water, because last time i did, well lets just say that my house crumled into ashes.



JackTheHack: Dude I love TheOdd1sOut, His comics and videos are Hilarious!!!

That_Mexican_Guy29:Ok....Never have seen his videos or comics until now, but they aren't bad. I will probably check them out.

AllGoodNamesTaken:I love the video about the infinite shape! I mean who learn something new everdayy right?????

JackTheHack: My favorite comic was the one when a guy asked for same day shipping at 11:59pm, the delivery guy was like, "WHHHAAAATTTTT THE HECK!!!" XDXDXD I was dead!

burning eyes

PurpleGuy4:XD So TRUEEE!!!

Minecrafter92: Annnnndddd That's why you set the brightness all the way down, to prevent this from happening.

JustBOB: When you try to turn the brightness down while having your eyes closed XD


JackyBoy/\:Why do I fell that this would have been better than the actual debates and election......

CharlieMcChum77: yeah end of the world scenario... I think the reality of it and the gif are related. #WW3

LisaTheMonalisa!?: Who knows maybe the real Godzilla will come and save us from these two.

JackyBoy/\: True!!!

pizza baby

WhyLife??:Well I mean you have to start young am I right, or am I wrong?

KerinaKatrinaKantene: It's not hawaiian right, because if it is, then the baby had a bad start in life

JustForLaughsJR:What mother.....you just don't(not going to get in details)...Just how is it possible!!!!!

StarwarsAddict9: The baby was probably welcomed with a bunch of food XD