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JackyBoy/\:Why do I fell that this would have been better than the actual debates and election......

CharlieMcChum77: yeah end of the world scenario... I think the reality of it and the gif are related. #WW3

LisaTheMonalisa!?: Who knows maybe the real Godzilla will come and save us from these two.

JackyBoy/\: True!!!


JustFoLaughsJR: Wow....so this is how it all started, well we can't really complain about the horse for he started her career by helping her make "Wrecking Ball"....I mean lots of people thought it was catchy.

KerinaKatrinaKantene;-;: Wait, shouldn't that mean we should be paying that hprse instead of her?

JustFoLaughsJR: yeah we should pay the horse as if it's going to pay for something like horse Jordans or maybe even make up if its a female.

KerinaKatrinaKantene;-;: Wow, did you just assume the horses gender! Im so triggered right now! It's 2017, you can't assume someones gender!

JustFoLaughsJR: OK OK IM SORRY!! I'm bored anyway, so bye

parents song

HeresJhonny69: What if i told you that at times it actually the othr way around *cue the "Twilight Zone" Music*(nah JK its relatable at sometimes).

AlyssaAF: Happens to me a lot, my mom puts on her weird spanish music

Derpyguy99:WHHAATT, spanish music is the best especially the ones from MEXICO!!

Derpyguy999: Yeah I agree with Derpyguy99 because he's cool and makes sense

Derpyguy9999: Yeah same, and it's so true, Mexican music is the best!!!!

Alyssa, did he jus make another 2 accounts in 7 minutes......???????

Derpyguy99: NOOO, those guys just coincedently have the same name as me but with an other 9 at the end....

AlyssaAF: Wow, man you didn't have to make an other three accounts.

AlyssaAF: Oh come one he left,....seriously people.

chef Ramsay

MagesticalMarissa24: Bruh, Chef Ramsay is like the King of insults. I can't even boil water, because last time i did, well lets just say that my house crumled into ashes.


Men in black

StarWarsAddict9: I've tried to do the same with this gif, and it hit me on the second try.....it took me 13 tries to get it right without stabbing my face

GingerBreadHobo: so............................................how can I process this into my head on how this guy was dumb enough to jab some pair of sunglasses in his eye(even though it was kinda unintentional.