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JakePauler12Mil:HA thats me in college, and ill just ask my friends whaht we did in class or somethin.

WhyLife??: Wait attendance doesnt get taken off your grade \(@-@)/ Happiest Day Of My Life!!!!

Food4Life: Im still going to go to class like a good boy,.......even tho i don't wanna.

burning eyes

PurpleGuy4:XD So TRUEEE!!!

Minecrafter92: Annnnndddd That's why you set the brightness all the way down, to prevent this from happening.

JustBOB: When you try to turn the brightness down while having your eyes closed XD

Cake Portion

GumRice4: Me at a Buffet, like

Food4Life: If my username doesn't give it away, I'm just going to say that im attached to this meme.

Minecrafter92: I have the amazing gift of eating a lot and not gaining a pound..\(@_@)/

Greatest Moment Of My Life

WhyLife??: Oh I thought it was marriage, i was like....hows this funny?

JakePauler12Mil: *catches fish* "YEAH"*brings it in, but accidently hits wedding couple in back with fish* "oh....Sory about that,....at least i caught the fish right...no...ok i'll leave"

RickyJickyItchy: Why can i see myself doing that XD??

 My Standards

CharlieMcChum77:Me throughout the school year!

HeresJohnny69: When your almost there but not quite yet....

DerpGuy99: Hey isn't that guy on webtoons...? His name is uhh... Shen from Blue Chair